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Each member brings a unique set of skills and a passion for their craft, making our collaboration a true entertainer in the making.

The unpredictable nature of the monsoon season demands meticulous planning and flexibility. We carefully study weather patterns, create backup plans, and constantly monitor the forecasts. Our production team works tirelessly to secure suitable shooting locations that can withstand the elements, ensuring the safety of the cast and crew. Of course we fail sometime but mostly we were always one step ahead.

Senior actor Jagadesh with his incredible talent and dedication, breathe life into our characters, delivering performances that left audiences captivated and moved.

Despite the hardships, our team thrives on the excitement and energy that the changing monsoon climate brings. We draw inspiration from the raw power of nature and channel it into our work, creating a film that is both authentic and captivating. Our teams relentless dedication and unwavering passion fuel us to overcome any challenges and deliver a cinematic experience that reflects the indomitable spirit of our hardworking film-making team.

From our screenwriter Ajith k haridas who meticulously craft captivating stories to the talented crew who bring those stories to life, our team is driven by a shared vision of creating unforgettable cinematic experiences. We pour our hearts and souls into every project, dedicating countless hours to perfecting each frame and scene.

We are deeply humbled by the way you embraced our characters, connected with our narrative, and shared your personal experiences and reflections. Your passion has ignited a fire within us to continue creating meaningful stories that resonate with your hearts and minds.

It is your word-of-mouth recommendations, social media interactions, and support that have propelled our film to new heights. Your dedication has sparked conversations and drawn attention to our work, enabling it to reach a wider audience and leave a lasting impact.

We want to express our sincerest appreciation for your trust and belief in our artistic vision. It is because of you, our incredible audience, that our film has become a success story. We promise to continue delivering quality cinema that captivates, inspires, and brings us closer together.

Once again, thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Your unwavering support has touched us deeply and will forever be etched in our memories. Together, we have created something extraordinary, and we cannot wait to embark on more cinematic adventures with you by our side.


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