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As a toxic male cop meets a toxic female victim, we embark on a journey through the system failures of unidentified dead body handling in the state of Kerala. The unending series of procedural handlings and the value of a human corpse in this whole system of events. Through unfamiliar frames and color tones and sticking to its noir origins Purushapretham is one of kind in Malayalam cinema. 

Even while taking on patriarchy, chauvinism, graft and discrimination, Purusha Pretham is a delightful watch on account of its different narrative.

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the arbit documentation of an amphibian hunt(2021) - Avasavyooham


Lissy recollect’s that her lover  ‘Joy’ could talk to insects. One day as he sneaks her out into the mangroves she discovers love and Joy discovers companionship. The local hierarchy doesn’t approve of this and Joy has to elope.

Now a murder suspect, Joy is hunted down by hooligans and the police, escaping only to reveal his true nature.

The fragile ecosystem of ‘Puthuyvype’ a small island in Kochi, the exotic migration of birds to the mangroves, the fisherman and the impending danger of a new petroleum company has contributed to joy’s metamorphosis. System, science and religion merge to make sense of joy’s fate as we discover the unnoticable fragile ecosystem that surrounds all of us. 

As locals recall in a tale mixed with myth, divinity and disturbing ecological disruptions, Joy was no ordinary man.

The films speaks about the life of people in and around the island of Puthuvype.

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A minor inconvinience (2019) - Vrithakrithyilulla Chathuram


Vrithakrithiyilulla Chathuram  is a 2020 Indian Black dramedy Malayalam Feature film directed by Krishand. The film follows the story of an introvert Manilal Ramachandran and his reactions to the death of his father.

Vrithakrithiyilulla Chathuram had its world premiere at the 24th International Film Festival of Kerala  where it was screened in the International Competition Section The only other Malayalam film to make it to this section in the same year was Jallikattu a film by Lijo Jose Pellissery. The movie was also in FIPRESCI List of 40 Indian films. The movie also won the Kerala state award for the best baackground music.

The movie won the award for the best background score in 2019 Kerala state awards and is currently available on MXplayer and Koode

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saga of the spirited (2018) - UTSAHA ITHIHASAM


Utsaha Ithihasam  is a 2018 dramedy webseries 

Nitin Rajendran and Kristo Kurishuparambil although poles apart have always been good friends and has helped each other throughout childhood into their adulthood. The series follows some incidents in their lives as the sail through partners. friends and hardships and don't take a stand against anything.

Enveloped in humour the series is a take on existential nihilism and urban friendship of men. 

The series won the best comedy drama award at Seoul webfest 2018 and is currently streaming on Zee5

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