The Village of Mishmis

It was the month of January and the wanderlust had creeped into my soul waking me up in lonely nights with dreams of distant wilderness. I got into the rickety bus along with two friends of mine from Guwahati through the valleys of Brahmaputra crossing the Xiao-nadi through Tingshukia into ARUNACHAL PRADESH. Roing is a village along the chinese border. I was also preparing a travelogue for yathra magazine.

We arrived with a friend of ours to celebrate the festival of Rhey. The festival in which Nanni-Tai the mother of the tribe Idu Mishmis was worshipped.

The tribe reminded me of how pagan my cultural beliefs are and how they matched with a tribe in a land far away along Indo-chinese border. Memories for a lifetime.

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