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Seoul Webfest 2018

Utsaha Ithihasam ended up winning the "BEST DRAMEDY" at Seoul Webfest. A proud moment for everyone associated with the content. The Webseries was represented by Rahul Rajagopal one of the lead actor, Syama Bindu the costume and art department and Krishand The director.

Rahul Rajagpal, Krishand and Syama at the Seoul Webfest

Saga of the Spirited Wins best Dramedy.

Earlier this year Utsaha Ithihasam the Saga of the sprited as nominated for 7 categories which included The Best actor, The best actress, The best supporting actor, The best supporting actress, The best Dramedy , The best web series and the best production design

Melodie Everson the cordinator and international guest manager at Seoul Webfest

Rahul Rajagopal at the award function

Seoul Webfest in South Korea is the very first web series festival in Korea & Northeast Asia and the only web fest in Asia.

Utsaha ithihasam is now playing in 5 languages on Zee5.

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